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A warm welcome overnight for homeless people in the coldest months

Leon's experience

'I really enjoyed the last 3 months, it was really worth it'

a volunteer prepares food for guests

‘I served at the shelter last year. I had decided not to do it this year as I was moving house and taking up a post as leader of my church, but especially moving into a nice new home really bought it home to me how important as a Christian it is to care for the poor, it can be a bit out of sight out of mind in the business of life, so I came back to volunteer again.

I really enjoyed the last 3 months, it was really worth it. I have made some good friends with both guests and volunteers, it has also challenged my attitudes and prejudices.

I have been really inspired by the hard work and dedication of Jayne, Tracy and Kerry, they are amazing women and have done an amazing job - I would love to see an all-year round shelter employing these women- this is something I would support and volunteer for.

I am grateful for the opportunity to serve the shelter this year I hope it will continue and develop into something permanent.’