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A warm welcome overnight for homeless people in the coldest months

Guest story 6

"knowing there is some light, like the Shelter, is encouraging"

a guest is given a cup of tea by a volunteer

Well, this is the second time in the shelter for me - I was there last year seeking support following the loss of my job. Sadly, I went into prison because I didn’t pay my fines; I had no money to clear them. The Shelter last year gave me a lot of hope to move on and a break in which to think. I have to say when the Shelter closed I felt I was alone and back to where I was. My health deteriorated immensely to where I have a clot in my leg.

I had heard that the Shelter was open again so I went over to the Gateway and was assessed and booked in for a bed. I have been there every night and the staff have looked after me. I have had to treat myself by injecting, due to the clot, as the hospital wouldn’t keep me in due to being homeless. The Shelter has kept me above water, given me warmth, food and support. I have needed somewhere to lay my head as I have felt so unwell, limping around outside in the cold weather. Sadly, my housing has been a problem but the staff are volunteering now the Shelter is shut and are still supporting me. My life has been and is harsh, but the Shelter has given me a break. I have tried to help others on the streets knowing how difficult it is to try and survive, I just wish I could get the continued support I need. Being homeless and alone is a dark place to be, but knowing there is some light, like the Shelter, is encouraging. To know there is somebody that is there to listen to you, is great, although sadly I now feel there is no help for me.

I want to say a huge thank you to the Operations team for helping me as much as they possibly could.